11454297503_e27946e4ff_hI love weekend mornings.  This morning is Saturday so I got up and made myself pancakes.  I’m not sure why this is a special weekend treat.  It doesn’t take any longer than the toast and fruit or eggs that I make on weekdays.  But it is something special I do for myself on days off.

After the normal morning clean-up routine, I put socks on feet and headed into the kitchen.  I pulled out the bisquick, the measuring cup, the almond milk, an egg and a spoon and I got to work.   It only took about two minutes to get the batter mixed.  It’s really warming up the pan that was, as always, my greatest challenge.  You see, I like my pancakes almost burnt.  I know that sounds weird; evening looking at it written on this page is unappetizing, but I have always liked my pancakes that way.  And there is a fine line between inedibly burnt pancakes and darkly-browned delicious pancakes.

I don’t know if it’s somehow the combined flavors of the almost charred pancake flour, butter and syrup that makes this breakfast so delicious to me.  Or is it the nostalgia?  When I was younger I spent summers in the Florida Keys with my grandparents.  My grandmother cooked us breakfast every morning and when she made pancakes, they were always really dark, with two pats of butter and pancake syrup.  Sometimes she made a stack of big pancakes, but more often for me, she’d make silver dollar pancakes.  It really didn’t matter because they were always delicious.

Even now, in my 40s, whenever I’m home she makes pancakes for me.  On my last trip she made pancakes in the shape of my name.  She’s blind now so the e’s were backward, but I learned that you’re never too old to enjoy shaped pancakes made by your grandmother. 1078701_10200946548600469_555965406_o

So, is it actually the flavor that inspires me to make them every weekend, or is the opportunity to be transported back to a time when someone cooked breakfast for me with love, and my biggest worries were using enough sunscreen and wondering what kind of creature my brother and I would find in the canal that day?

I haven’t perfected the dark brown pancake, but I’m getting closer.   This morning, as with most pancake mornings, my first was a throw-away.   I suspect the pan wasn’t warm enough – I’m impatient – and the pancake came out light with a bland, floury taste.  The second pancake came out light in places, but with two dark rings.  Ok, I’ll be honest,  it was burnt around those two rings.  But they were thin rings, and they gave the pancake some flavor, so it was a keeper.  But I did turn the temperature down, as I’m sure this is part of my failure… I can’t quite figure out the right temperature for the pancake making. Anyway, the third and last was pretty good – starting to brown, although not as dark as I like, but also not burnt.

I slathered fake vegetarian butter (I’m trying to be healthier now that I’m older) on all of them and once the fake butter melted, I poured real maple syrup on them.  I left the mess in the kitchen and sat down to enjoy my morning treat.  264493_10201173182045648_380994249_n


12 thoughts on “Pancakes

  1. Terje

    Welcome to this writing community, Lee. Your first slice is delicious. I was instantly drawn to your link, because i wrote about pancakes too today – sort of. I am a big fan of pancakes, because, as you said, it combines the taste and memories. For me pancakes represent so much more than just food. Happy writing!

  2. rissable

    You have deliciously connected your Saturday morning routine to a nostalgic one….makes me hungry for pancakes!

  3. Tara Smith

    I love slices about pancakes…everyone has such joyous memories of pancake time with their families. I used to make “name pancakes” for my kids years ago – another great tradition.

  4. Judy C.

    Welcome, Lee. It’s great to have new “slicers” join us. Your first slice about pancakes made me think that would be our supper tonight – although I don’t like mine burnt or even dark brown. Your Saturday routine keeps you connected with your Grandma – loved that she made them in the shape of your name. Looking forward to reading more of your slices.

    1. readerlee Post author

      One of the beauties of pancakes- they’re good for any meal! Thanks for the welcome, Judy. I look forward to working through this challenge and having the opportunity to read so many other writers’ thoughts and stories.

  5. spillarke

    Hooray! I’m excited that you’re joining in on the slicing fun this year. I love that wrote about pancakes and cooking and your grandmother. I especially like how you turned from this morning to “Even now in my 40s whenever I’m home…” the memory of your grandmother. So smooth and sweet with remembering.

  6. Beth

    Have to play catch up on your posts. I think you have plenty to write about! I hate pancakes by the way! Eggs…those are the breakfast for me.


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