SOLC Day #4: A Crush of Challenges

As I sat down today to write, I thought, Ok, what can I get done quickly?  I brainstormed a couple of ideas.  All things I would be embarrassed to post (and I have fairly low standards).  Wait…what?   If I’m thinking about what I can do quickly, why am I participating in this challenge?

I decided to give it another thought.  When it comes down to it, I have two problems.  The first is that when I run out of time, writing is always the thing I cut from my to do list.  The second problem is that I rarely work on improving my writing (something that’s difficult to do if I keep cutting writing off my list).

I’ve always  wanted to work through Barry Lane’s Discovering the Writer Within, and I thought I could do that through these SOL posts.  The problem is that the early parts of that are quick writes and other types of prompts that are messy and I might not want to share with the world.  At this point, the world is only the 2-3 people who might read this so maybe I can deal with that.  It’s difficult to really use this to work on my writing if I feel like I have to have a polished piece every night.  Plus, that interferes with the “finish a book every day” challenge and “get 10,000 steps a day” challenge and the “don’t say bad things about people” challenge (aka “don’t kill anyone at work” challenge).

Probably should have worked through this a few days ago, but better late than never.


4 thoughts on “SOLC Day #4: A Crush of Challenges

  1. Adrienne

    Like you, I was feeling as thought I had to have a polished piece everyday. Realistically, this can;t be done at this pace, so I’m thinking of these as first drafts I might come back to later. Another good resource to work through for your personal writing is Ralph Fletcher’s “A Writer’s Notebook”. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. And short.

  2. spillarke

    You and your rules crack me up. Love how you worded that part but wished it included bacon. I can see p how working through Lane’s book would be much different and far messier, in a writing sense, than cooking from Julia Child’s ouvre. Don’t worry about too much polish– it’s us, friends and community. Just write for fun. Unfortunately for me the first thing I cut is exercise. Now if only that meant my writing was much improved!

    1. readerlee Post author

      🙂 Thanks, Lee Ann. I have to say that I’m afraid I’m minimally completing all of my challenges, but not making anything better! Maybe I should skip exercise too. I sure feel like it tonight!


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