SOLSC #9: Girl Meets Boys

Girl Meets Boy

As Girl advanced in age, she found it more and more difficult to date.  She knew that she could not wait for the right person to knock on her door.  She would have to make an effort to meet people.  That effort included all of the reasonable options available to her, so in addition to the normal in-person social opportunities, Girl joined a few online communities.

Girl met Boy online and had been communicating for a couple of weeks.  Girl observed that Boy seemed to be taking it slow, and that worked for Girl as she has trouble trusting boys and wanted to get to know him a bit.  One day, Girl and Boy were discussing Girl’s spring break dilemma:  whether to go to Bali or Myanmar.

Girl:  Have you been to either place?

Boy:  Not been to either.  I would like to go to Bali sometime to relax on the beach with drinks.

Girl:  You’ve been in this area a long time.  Why haven’t you gone to Bali?

Boy:  I usually save my money for trips back to Ireland, which are damn expensive.

Girl:  True.  I can imagine.  I spend so much money when I go home.  Flights are expensive and I imagine weeks at a time anywhere would be pricey.    Plus, it is difficult to save money here because of the cost of living.

Boy:  It gets pricey alright!  Especially when you have friends and family wanting to meet for drinks.   Then there’s shopping for clothes that actually fit properly for a change!

Girl:  Yeah, I was a bit put out when I needed shoes here and they took me to the “extra large” section.  Come on… I’m not a giant!  So, I do all shopping at home.   Do you have any family here?

Boy:  Just a wife.  No kids or pets.  You?

At this point, girl is incredulous.  They are clearly on a DATING site.

Girl:  No family here.

And, so, your wife is ok with you befriending women on this dating site?

Boy:  Noooooooooooo!

But I caught her trying to cheat on me….plus she never wants to….you know….

So, I need an outlet, so to speak.

Do you have a husband, boyfriend, or partner back home?

Girl:  No.  I am completely free.  But I’ve gotta say, you have a complicated situation that I don’t really want to be part of.

Boy:  Sure.  That’s understandable.

This was the third married boy in a month that Girl encountered on this site.  Girl deleted site app from her phone, not needing another source of distrust.


10 thoughts on “SOLSC #9: Girl Meets Boys

  1. Julie Johnson

    Writing in their person was the perfect way to share this story. You caught me by surprise when Boy mentioned his wife. It takes all kinds of people! So glad that girl decided to delete that site.

  2. Tracey

    What a loser. It is so hard to meet honest nice guys these days. So blessed to have met mine many years ago. I do feel for my friends that are trying to meet someone decent though, it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!! I too loved your tactful response.


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