SOLSC #15: The Color (Anti)Frenzy 5K

This morning I got up, made my Saturday morning pancakes, and set out for an 8:00 am 5K Color Frenzy run with two of my friends.  Karen met me at my car at 7:30 and we drove together to the other side of base to pick up Merilee.  When we got to Merilee’s house, she wasn’t outside, so I took the opportunity to look for our tickets while we waited for her.  As I found the tickets – one at a time – and pulled them out of the black hole that is my purse, I handed them to Karen.  While I was searching for the third ticket, Karen looked down at the tickets in her hand.  “Hey, the race doesn’t start until 9:00.”

“What?”  I took the ticket and there it was, clearly stated, sign-Imagein at 8:00 and race starts at 9:00.  It wouldn’t have been a big deal if we didn’t all have other plans immediately following the race – the 8am race, not a 9am race.  I’m starting to get used to these mistakes.  I am hoping it is distractions and multi-tasking that are taking their toll on my attention to details.  I can fix that, and have already started working on it.  And, although this was a bit of a mess-up on my part, it was also a chance to work on my relaxation and serenity.

So, I talked to Karen and Merilee and we decided to go ahead with our 8 am 5K.  Instead of jogging or racing, we went for a walk.  The sidewalk around the flightline was empty, the sun was shining, the air was crisp and there was a beautiful, clear view of Mount Fuji.  We didn’t have the official t-shirt and no one was throwing paint at us, but we spent 45 minutes walking, laughing, and enjoying the outdoors.

It is difficult to get three colleagues together and not talk about work, but we did it.  The wind was brisk, but it blew our stress away.  We chatted about boys and kids and friends and spring break.  And at the end of our 5K walk, we went to the sign-in table, got our shirts, and hopped in the car, renewed and ready to continue with our day.


7 thoughts on “SOLSC #15: The Color (Anti)Frenzy 5K

  1. Julie Crain

    I seem to be making more mistakes like this lately. I haven’t decided if it’s multi-tasking or age-related. Hope you can find someone to throw a little color on that shirt!

  2. arjeha

    Sometimes you just have to improvise. You and your friends turned things around to work you you. You got in your 5K run (walk), had a chance to talk and enjoy each other’s company, and still not change your plans for the rest of the day.


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