SOLSC #17: haiku

Over the next month, my Japanese colleague and I will host a haiku contest in our district.  

So today I get

in a haiku state of mind

to be supportive


Here’s today’s (based on real events):

My purse a black hole

I never know what I’ll find

An avocado?


I’m sure Basho is rolling over in his grave from this haiku writing.


9 thoughts on “SOLSC #17: haiku

  1. smpeters

    I LOVE it. Humorous Haiku; Basho would be delighted with your creative approach. Thanks for the smile. I will have to attempt Haiku for tomorrow’s slice.

  2. Kim K

    This gave me a much needed chuckle this morning. My purse and bag are endless pits of mystery. 🙂 haiku was a favorite of my students when I was teaching. Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder.

  3. arjeha

    Great way to start the day with a smile. I always enjoyed haiku because you have to choose the words carefully in order for the poem to make sense when it is finished.

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