SOLSC #19: A post, but you may lose brain cells reading this

I really am not a fashion-obsessed person, so I hesitate to bring up a clothing topic for the second day in a row, but here it goes.

I know Sunnydale is the hellmouth which can cause unusual chaos at the high school, but I don’t understand how Buffy is allowed to go to school every day dressed inappropriately.  Yesterday she had on a lace shirt, no liner, with a black bra.  So, basically, she donned her bra and not one adult reprimanded her.  Wait, that’s not completely true… Giles reprimanded her, but that was about doing her homework, not about inappropriate attire.

Today she has on a low-cut, see-through white t-shirt.  So, basically, she donned her bra and not one adult reprimanded her – again.  

She often bears her midriff.  Wouldn’t fighting vampires and demons be more comfortable in a full-length shirt?  Doesn’t she worry that as she maneuvers, her shirt is going to rise higher and she will expose herself?  I guess when you’re trying to save the world, you can’t fixate on these trivialities.  But, come on, I bowl and when I’m going bowling, I think about what would be most comfortable.  I imagine that if I were killing vampires instead of bowling, I would still take that moment to consider what’s most comfortable.  

Perhaps I’ve turned into my grandfather.  Or re-watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer too many times.  (It’s my background noise about once a year during big projects.)  Or am avoiding the work, NB renewal, exercise, and cleaning that I have to do.   

I may not be improving my writing craft, but I have just about perfected my procrastination strategies.  


9 thoughts on “SOLSC #19: A post, but you may lose brain cells reading this

    1. readerlee Post author

      Probably a good thing that this isn’t what catches you. We wouldn’t want too many of us wasting our time worried about what Buffy is wearing. 🙂

  1. Beth

    I thoughtfully consider others when donning my workout gear! Do they really want to see the flesh of a 43 almost 44 year old woman jiggle…while she maneuvers…the good thing is that Buffy isn’t real and her sex sells…every day though I do have girls dressed inappropriately. Hopefully their parent or teachers chide them…Maybe we are too thoughtful about our choices??? Hmmm thinking short shorts with tights again….

    1. readerlee Post author

      Now I’m thinking shorts and tights would be an improvement over the tanktop with no bra that Buffy is wearing in this scene. I have so much work to do! 🙂

  2. arjeha

    I don’t think about it as procrastination. Instead, it is giving long and careful thought before taking any action. Maybe I’ll think of something else to say tomorrow.

  3. Kim K

    The things we think about when we are procrastinating. I love it! I have not thought of good old Buffy in a long time. I see what my young family members wear and I cringe… this was a neat slice to read.

  4. spillarke

    You as your grandfather cracked me up. I almost didn’t recover in time to keep the water in my mouth. Just today I sent a big sigh of a girl to get her “jacket” to cover her midriff… you make me chuckle with the Buffy parallels. I need to watch more tv.


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