SOLSC #20: The Big Day

I woke up late today.  Ok, only ten minutes late.  Well, ten minutes later than my usual 30 minutes early.  So, yeah, I woke up only 20 minutes early today.  But it was a big day, so those 10 minutes could have mattered. 

I showered, fought with my hair, squeezed and crammed myself into hose, dressed, and headed to the kitchen.  Breakfast is important, especially on a big day.  I usually have an egg and juice, but I was out of eggs (poor planning), so I went with toast.  Normally, I juice an equal number of fruits and vegetables, but today I decided to treat myself to apple and kiwi with only one carrot thrown in.  Fully dressed and fed, I headed out the door.

I got out the door of my apartment complex only to find rain.  Of course, it was raining.  Today’s the big day so it would rain.  And there I was with no umbrella.   It seemed light enough so I hoped it wouldn’t do too much damage to my hair.

I made it to the office, Tidied up some last minute details, and waited for my camera man.  As soon as Patrick arrived I was ready to go.  We hopped in my car and headed over to the high school.

Today was my big day.  One of the English teachers lent me her class so that I could teach and record for my National Board renewal. 

This is my fourth year out of the classroom and I miss it terribly.  I don’t find working with adults as enjoyable as working with kids.  Don’t get me wrong… I like my job.  But even these seniors are so much more light-hearted and easy-going than most adults I encounter.  They still find a little bit of joy in learning.  It’s disheartening how many of the adults have lost that zest. 

For the last several months I’ve been coming to this class whenever I could.  I sat with them, observed, participated – whatever was appropriate.  I got to know the students, something that’s necessary for renewal, but it made teaching them that much more fun.

Today we did an introduction to poetry.  It’s what their regular teacher had planned, although I made my own lesson.  We worked in small groups looking at their favorite poems.  We ran a poetry carousel noting features of the poems that stood out.  We reviewed a couple of devices.  Then we worked on writing our own poems.  It was a nice combination of what I would have done in my own class and what my host teacher wanted to happen. 

And the students were great.  They really cared about helping me create an excellent video.  They were compliant, intelligent, and probably a little too quiet.  There were great conversations, smiling, and even a high five.  I miss these interactions. 

So, despite the oversleeping, the hair, the hose, and the rain, it was a good day.  I bowl on Thursdays, so I had to run out shortly after arriving home, but I did put the data card with my video in my computer.  Since I work for the Dept. Of Defense, we’re not allowed to use flash drives or memory cards in our computers at work.  I couldn’t resist a peek. 

Here’s what I saw:  shadowy, flickering video.  Here’s what I heard: 

Hopefully, I just need the right tech person and not a re-taping.  


15 thoughts on “SOLSC #20: The Big Day

  1. bbutler627

    Oh no!!! My sister in law had to record for her boards and it was so stressful! I feel for you! That being said, I love this slice! I too work with adults more than kids. I miss the kids! But I do like my job a lot most days. I love when you say the part about adults losing their zest for learning. So true! Glad I stopped by!

    1. readerlee Post author

      Yes, videoing was the most difficult part the first time around. But I guess I forgot or was just sure that 10 years of technology advances would mean no problems. Oh, well, it’ll all work out. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if I had to teach another lesson. 🙂

  2. arjeha

    You did have a busy abd exciting day. Hope you can find the right tech person. U never had to videotape myself teaching a lesson. I thin I would be all nervous and fumble through everything.

    1. readerlee Post author

      The taping part wasn’t too bad. Usually, the viewing is brutal. I see myself on the video and wonder how I could have possibly chosen that outfit, wht I forgot to use my hairbrush, why I don’t wear more makeup. And then I notice my voice which is nothing like how I sound everyday (in my own head). It’s a harsh experience.

  3. Kim K

    Your end deflated my balloon! I was so enjoying your description of your lesson. I hope that someone can fix that right up. I’m out of the classroom for the first time this year and my moments with kids really do make me miss it.

    1. Lee Post author

      Thankfully, yes! It was quite an ordeal though. One of the teachers “fixed” it but then we had to figure out how to get it off the school computer. It was too big for. Disk, I guess, and we aren’t allowed to use USB devices in DoD computers. Anyway, he got it worked out. Now I need to write something!


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