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SOL: Yikes! It’s Tuesday!

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What?  It’s Tuesday?  Already?  When I said I would slice on Tuesdays, I thought I’d have some time off.  I was so excited about the 31st and relieved when I hit submit.  I responded to the wonderful slicers that I’ve met about how I was looking forward to Tuesdays.  Obviously, I was not connecting the words tomorrow and Tuesday in those moments.  But I said I would do it so here I am.  I’m considering this another draft to add to my pile. 

When I got home today, I had about 35 minutes to prepare and scarf down some before before heading to bowling.  I put on an episode of Buffy – my background noise, my comfort when I’m stressed.  I know every episode; no need to pay attention.  I know that good will be victorious.  (Something I can’t be sure of when I’m in the kitchen.)

The scene begins with Buffy running from a scaly, gray demon with horns on its head and an assemblage of fleshy wattles hanging from its chin.  Now, already I know I’ve watched this too many times because I can typically be fairly mindless and nonjudgmental for tv, but right now I am wondering why the writers would have her running from the demon when she is the Slayer and it is her job to kill the demon.  Buffy stumbles and falls.  Really?  But she’s The Slayer!  The CHOSEN one, gifted with strength and agility.  And she suddenly trips over her own feet?   She miraculously rebounds with an amazing backflip.  Another demon shows up.  Buffy does a flying kick sending one demon across the playground and she pulls out a huge knife and stabs the other demon.  Where was she keeping that big knife?  How did she not impale herself when she fell on the ground?  The scene ends with the demon’s silver blood seeping out and spreading across his skin and onto Buffy.

We soon discover that Buffy has been infected by this demon and as a result she has acquired some aspect of the demon.  She checks the mirror frequently, looking for the horns or scales or tail that will appear at any moment.  She’s expecting the worst.

Of course, what actually happened is that she gained the demon’s ability to read minds – something that was at least temporarily useful.  Some may even consider it a superpower.  And this really got me thinking about work.  In a previous slice, I reflected on my work situation and the poison that had infected me (from my coworkers). Of course, in my reflection, I had figured out how to rise above it all.  But if I had really fully risen above it, I may not have been empathizing with Buffy today thinking about how my demonic coworkers have infected me. 

Now, though, I might consider what superpower I can get from my coworkers.  Despite our collective dysfunction, we all have incredible individual strengths.  My focus should be on tapping into the best of my colleagues instead of dwelling on perceived weaknesses. 

Another life lesson learned from Buffy.   (And I promise it’s the last time I’ll slice about Buffy… unless she inspires a poem this month.)