SOLSC #3 League Night


I brought Allan Wolf’s book Immersed in Verse to league night with me so that I could figure out something to write while bowling.  It’s not surprising that I ended up writing about bowling.  These probably won’t have wide appeal, but my teammates like them and they are short.

The Purple Bowling Ball (inspired by William Carlos Williams)

so much depends

the grape scented bowling

glistening with lane

crushing the white

The second poem is a He Said She Said poem.  Allan Wolf and Sara Holbrook wrote a whole book of these titled More Than Friends: Poems from Him and Her (which my students loved).


He said
Game on!
Bowling is competition –
Striving to crush your opponent
With strikes and trash talk,
Knowing the men will get the points.

She said
That’s all she needs to say because she
Knows that bowling men
Is a mind game.
Stay quiet, get marks and they’ll self-destruct.
The ladies will win almost every time.


8 thoughts on “SOLSC #3 League Night

  1. Glenda Funk

    I just posted a comment on another blog about the essay “Bowling Alone,” and then as though fate directed me, I found your lively verses about bowling! I’m very excited about getting the book “Immersed in Verse.” Thanks for noting that your students love it.

  2. spillarke

    Ha! Loved the self destruct line–made me chuckle and I could just picture you quietly observing in the lane. I must admit though that I’ve never heard of lane conditioner. What is that stuff? Great poems, Lee. So much fun in them!

    1. Lee Post author

      The lane conditioner is the oil. (You know, I’m sure I’ve bored you to tears talking about the oil patterns.) But oil did not fit William Carlos Williams’ pattern as well as “lane conditioner.” I took a little poetic license.

    1. Lee Post author

      It’s my goal! Last year I made it every single day in March and then only one Tuesday after that. Surely I’ll do better this year.


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