SOLSC #4 Fuji-san



photo1 photo3 Sasebo & Zao 031Every morning
I hope to see Fuji-san
It never gets old

Towering in the bright sky
A threatening gift

A fool to think that
I could climb it with a bunch of
Twenty year olds!


13 thoughts on “SOLSC #4 Fuji-san

      1. Lee Post author

        Felt like years. It was miserable. But I suppose it was maybe 6-7 hrs going up and then a few down. Coming down was much shorter but as difficult, if not more.

  1. MaryHelen

    Majestic pictures. Your poem brings the beauty to mind. My father-in-law who is 86 just shared about his hike up the Fuji Mountain. It is one of his favorite memories.

  2. newtreemom

    I can relate to your slice. I lived in Japan near Yokota Air Force Base outside Tokyo. We always looked for Fuji every morning, too. It was the last day of July when we climbed Fuji-san and stayed in a little inn, where we watched the climbers coming up in the dark with their lanterns. The next morning we were up early to see the sunrise.

  3. bennisbuzz

    Is that Mt. Fuji? How beautiful! Love your words, too! I wonder if some of my kids and your kids are blogging back and forth. Are you in the Classroom Slice?


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