SOLSC #6 Struggle to Write

IMG_2489I wish I had prepared better for this writing challenge.  Ideally, I would have spent the past year working on slices.  Maybe I would have some pieces to revise, some ready to go, and some I would write new.  But I didn’t prepare.  So, each day after work I am trying to brainstorm ideas and draft and make something presentable enough for others to read.  Often what happens is that I just post something, even if it’s not fully “presentable.”

Unfortunately, today when I came home from work my mood started going downhill.   I should have been elated about making it through the week and having a day off, but instead the little irksome events from the day and week settled in my brain.  Once I started writing, they traveled through my arm and the pen onto my paper.   The result was something I would not want to share with others.  So, I started over.

It is hard enough for me to write one piece each day, but some days I am writing 3 or 4, hoping to stumble into something suitable for the public.  Today it just wasn’t happening.   I went bowling and bought myself a beer.  I’m not a big beer drinker and I never drink while I’m bowling, but desperate times called for desperate measures.  Sadly, I found that neither the beer nor the bowling were  helping.  I considered not posting.  I’m the only one who would be disappointed and I’d get over it.

I don’t want to quit on the 6th, though.  Surely I can make it through the first week.  I decided to make a list of things I can do to improve my mood:

  • turn up the music and dance around my apartment
  • bake cookies to share
  • read a good book
  • shop
  • go for a walk on a sunny day
  • sit in front of the space heater on a cold day
  • look at pictures of my family, friends, and travel
  • watch 13 Going on 30 (I think it’s the music)
  • buy flowers
  • go out to dinner at a new restaurant with friends
  • spend hours with some fictional friends – GIlmore Girls, Monk, Buffy, Angel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, and Ross

Still, I had nothing to post.  I was running out of hours in my day so I decided to go ahead and read other posts and respond.  There’s no surprise ending here – I obviously did not come up with something clever, creative and upbeat to post.  But I did figure out something else that lifts my mood:  reading slices of other lives.


14 thoughts on “SOLSC #6 Struggle to Write

  1. Lynn

    Hey I found your slice interesting to read…because I for sure have days when I feel like I have nothing interesting to post! But you know what? I post a boring post 🙂

  2. ...never ending story

    Much harder for me this year, because of no classroom antics to laugh about…no district politics…either. Lots of family drama, but they follow….so hmmm. I really liked your bullet list above, I can maybe get some ideas, just from you….

    So thanks for writing honestly….:) xo nanc

    1. Lee Post author

      Yes, I’m also not in the classroom and working with adults stories aren’t often as charming as student stories. But glad I could share some ideas! Over certainly been stealing them from all of the blogs I’m reading.

  3. Beth

    I’ve been having writer’s malaise here. It always takes longer than I have to write what I want to write. I was flipping thru Sara’s book for inspiration.

    1. Lee Post author

      Which one? I’ve been skimming and scanning 4 or 5 different books. I’ve written many ideas, but I’m so cranky that when I sit down to write the result isn’t always nice.

  4. Jaana

    This is a true slice of life! This is what is happening. And you still found ideas on how to improve your mood. Music is always wonderful (thank goodness there is a song for every mood).

  5. spillarke

    I know just what you mean, but I’m tickled you posted anyway. Sounds like you are writing your way through some hard times there. You always find a way to turn it around–one of the many things I love. That and picturing you dance around your apartment 🙂


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