SOLSC #7 A Gift


We had a guest in our office this week – a Japanese teacher who was working with our Host Nation instructional support person.  Last Friday she went to lunch with us and Monday I received this gift.  Can you imagine a thank you gift for sitting with someone at lunch?  I have enjoyed the plant all week, but only in writing this post did I try to investigate what type of plant it is.  Apparently, it’s a hyacinth.  Seems like I should have known that but I guess I’ve never received nor grown one before.


I’ve been obsessed with this amazing gift all week.  When I received the plant, there were three stalks, but none of the flowers were open yet.  The plant sat on my desk and I watched as they opened throughout the day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  On Friday, one of the stalks of flowers was leaning over quite far so I cut it to make room for the new stalk that has popped up.  I wish the photograph could capture and communicate the smell.   My lilies (another gift last week) are almost all gone, but I’ve brought the Hyacinth home for the weekend and my apartment continues to smell like a fresh floral bouquet.

It’s a terrific olfactory reminder to be kind to others and appreciate their company.

IMG_2490          IMG_2404

My obsession at work included several photo sessions.


12 thoughts on “SOLSC #7 A Gift

  1. Kim K

    What a lovely gift! I’m so glad I clicked through to your post this morning. Those flowers are beautiful and how nice to be surrounded by such thoughtful people. 🙂

  2. Jaana

    Wonderful and thoughtful gift. A gift that lasts! When I was a child in Finland, it was common to get a hyacinth as a hostess gift during Christmas time.

  3. jen b.

    I love these sweet lilac-looking hyacinths! I planted the bulbs last fall and am hoping to see lots of the little pretties creeping up in the next month or so! Lucky you to see them as an early entry to spring! 🙂

  4. spillarke

    When I saw the picture, my memory smelled hyacinth. So thoughtful. You remind me to be better at gift giving–appreciation and thanks–I have a few folks to thank for watching students during my FSA testing/proctoring last week.


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