SOLSC #10 My 10 Things Right Now


1.  I’m bowling and wondering why my speed is fluctuating.  I threw the ball really fast yesterday, much faster than usual.  Today I’m still a little faster than usual, but I can’t tell what I’m doing differently.  And I’ve been doing this almost 40 years… How can I not know, not feel, what I’m doing???
2.  I’m chatting with my Friday night teammate.  It’s Tuesday, but he was in practicing so stopped by to say hi.
3.  I’m thinking about how to make the math training better.  Padlet isn’t going to work as well as we had hoped for collaboration so we’re going to try Lync whiteboard.  Doing training via VTC has its challenges.
4.  I’m reading 17,000 Classroom Visits Can’t Be Wrong.  I really like the focus on student learning and think it will help me tomorrow as I work with the struggling teacher.
5.  I’m also very slowly reading Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld.  I’m counting this as reading two books!
6.  I’m wondering how members of our small district team can be so oblivious to how their negative attitudes and inconsiderate actions affect others.
7.  I am hoping that someone has broken into my apartment and cleaned my kitchen. And now I’m wishing that I had just left the door open.  
8.  I am dreaming about vacation even though it is 3 weeks away.  I’m still planning final details for the Maldives and the layover day in Kuala Lumpur.
9.  I am brainstorming topics for slices for the remainder of this month and wondering how I struggle to find suitable topics every day.  
10.  I am thanking Stacey and Mindy for sharing this idea because I hated what I wrote this evening and now I’m happy to have something else to share.  Also, I believe I will now have time to do my ab and thigh challenge (very important due to upcoming bathing suit vacation). 

6 thoughts on “SOLSC #10 My 10 Things Right Now

  1. Beth Scanlon

    I will steal his too! I have a focus for some of my days…Wednesday images—Friday infographic and books, and Sunday Seven, and Saturday…outdoors in Florida…not is is up to me to come up with writing for the other three days…

  2. spillarke

    I couldn’t do the ten today, but I did four : ) and also loved that “Be Inspired link” to the lists. I’m cross-eyed tired and must be projecting because the “faster” in your first item was at first “fatter” and I thought, no way, not Lee… sure enough, I must be projecting a bit of food guilt. Ha! If you left your door open and sent me ticket, I’d clean the whole place for ya! : )


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