SOLSC #12 Finding My Voice

I read the writing advice: Write in your own voice

Is my voice sarcastic?
What is my own voice?  

And what if my voice is not enough?
Not smart enough?
Not creative enough?
Not engaging enough?

My voice is currently “dis-” engaged: discouraged, disgruntled, dissatisfied.  
Won’t seeking a different voice improve my writing?
And, possibly, transform the person behind the voice? 


7 thoughts on “SOLSC #12 Finding My Voice

  1. titang0415

    Having been reading your writing for a long time now, I can tell you that your voice is matter-of-fact, (when the writing requires) funny as hell, (when it’s appropriate) and able to make me want to visit countries I’ve never been to and never really thought about visiting. Do you remember the email missives you used to sent to all of us when you first moved to Turkey? They were like a score for a crack addict (or, well, I think so, not having experience in that area) when they showed up in my inbox. I think I like the advice “Write about what you love” better than “Write in your own voice.” I believe our voices can vary, depending on what we’re doing. But if we’re writing about what we love, that comes through in our words.
    I love this poem. 🙂 Especially the idea at the end. Why not write as one of the ways to help us become who we want to be…?

  2. arjeha

    Your voice is you. Trying to change it into something it is not would not ring true. Celebrate who your are and what you have to say in a voice that is uniquely you.

  3. spillarke

    Your voice is honest and true. Direct–we’ve done so much technical writing together that I know your voice as measured and step by step, clear. You can get the details down and you rarely wax nostalgic. You know, like Christine, I loved those missives from Turkey. I think I still have them yellowed now, printed in a file–you taught me a lot about history and Paul with those. Keep writing.


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