You Never Know What Your Mother is Thinking

I wish I could remember the name of the writer or blog that I read this week that suggested writing conversations.  It was a cute conversation between a wife and her husband.  Then someone this week suggested I use Fletcher’s A Writer’s Notebook, and he has the same conversation suggestion.  So, here is the result.

Me:  Mom, do you know Jane Smith?

Mom:  Yes.  You know her also.  She’s Joan Smith’s daughter.

Me:  Oh, ok.   Who’s Joan Smith?  The woman from scrapbooking?

Mom:  Yes.  The one who was making the Christmas cards when you were here.

Me:  Ok.  Well, I got a friend request on FB and I just wanted to make sure it is someone I know before I accepted.

Mom:  You’d really like her.  She’s single and she’s a lot of fun.  She scrapbooks, but she also likes to read and go to the movies.

Me:  Well, I’m not going to date her.  Just needed to know that one of us knows her.

Mom:  I know you’re not going to date her, but I think you two would enjoying doing something together.

Me:  I’m sure we would, but it would be an expensive night out by the time one of us got to another continent.

Mom:  I meant when you’re here.  I thought if you had a friend here you wouldn’t be bored and you would stay longer.


(Long pause as I process what she says.)

Me:  You think I don’t stay long because I’m bored?  Mom, I only have 3 weeks and I have a house in Florida and dental problems, and until recently, grandparents to visit there.  I stay at your house as long as I can while still taking care of the other things I need to.

Mom:  Oh, ok.

Me:  Once the house is sold, I will be able to stay longer.

Mom:  Good

The last three summers have been incredibly stressful as I try to travel around the southeast visiting friends and family, and taking care of my house (and teeth).  It never occurred to me that my mom didn’t understand all of the things I had to get done.  That I stayed only a week because it was all the time I had.  That means that I have hurt her feelings for three years.  A heartbreaking realization.


9 thoughts on “You Never Know What Your Mother is Thinking

    1. readerlee Post author

      🙂 No guilt. Perhaps a new mantra. I’ll tell you more about the house this week. Trying to make it through the tough part so I can speak positively about it.

    1. readerlee Post author

      Thanks, Julie. I worry that the one conversation was not enough to mend her hurt feelings, but at least if I’m aware, I can be sure to avoid this problem in the future.

  1. Beth

    Let it go..let it go…let it,quote Frozen…glad to finally figure out where your blog adding to my rolling list so I can keep,up easily and not just look for,your smiley face popping put from the list of 183 slicers…


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